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Freeze Dried Large Sample Pack

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Do you love candy?

Do you love trying new things? Then this large freeze dried sample pack is perfect for you!

Freeze Dried Large Sample Pack comes with 7 bags of candy, nerdy clusters, regular Frittles , berry Frittles , Jollie puffs, peach rings, taffy and starburst. It's the perfect way to try a little bit of everything and find your new favorite treat.


  • 7 bags of delicious candy, you won't be able to stop eating them!
  • A great way to try out all of our freeze dried treats!
  • Great for parties, gifts or sharing with friends
  • They make a great snack for any time of day

Try it today and see for yourself how delicious and versatile Freeze Dried Large Sample Pack can be!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 334 reviews
freeze dried amazingness

recently bought to comfort someone diagnosed with cancer and they said it was so delish. best product ever. will definitely renew! Got the variety pack which went over very well


Nothing is labeler. So even if I wanted to purchase a larger amount of what I got. I can’t. I can guess and look up what the normal candy looks like but labels. Would be great to include the labels on the product.


My twins loved it! Will be ordering again..

Heather Hardy
Sweet and nice

I enjoyed most of the selections. I really liked the jolly ranchers and what I think was taffy ones lol really fun way to get your sweet on lol

Andrea Arnold
Delicious and timely!

Bought these with the chocolate mystery pack as a surprise for my family and they loved them!

Arden Kozlow
Perfect Valentines gift!

This sample pack was perfect for my boyfriend who's really been curious about freeze dried candies. We tried everything and all the flavors were exactly what they should be. The freeze drying just intensifies everything so lemon flavors are like eating a lemon bar, watermelon is the most tart watermelon, and orange is like having a real orange explode in your mouth. I will caution people to chew carefully because some candies are very hard or dense and if you chomp down too hard you can hurt yourself.Otherwise highly recommend!

Brandon Stuart
So fresh, so good!!

Sample pack was really fresh and delicious. Would definitely order again!!


No complaints on the taste of the candy. They were all delicious and super fun to explore with the different textures. Would definitely buy again.

I just wish the bags would be labeled with that each candy is.

Sandy Plourde

I git this for my daughter's birthday. She's been wanting to try freeze dried candy. She was absolutely obsessed! She loved all the different options she had. Thank you

Amy K
Best gift given all xmas

My nephew asked me for freeze dried candy for Christmas. I thought that was ridiculous so I brought him a drone.. He was a little bummed out and said I don’t understand why people don’t buy what is on my list, so I returned the drone and bought the candy. Both nephews LOVED it and RAVED over how good it was on a FaceTime video so I could see how much the loved it. Price was fair and it was a quality product. Shipped quickly wirh no issue. Great experience

  • Freeze Dried Jolly puffs

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    Freeze dried jolly ranchersFreeze dried jolly ranchers and puffs
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    Freeze dried full size mystery sample pack
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    Freeze dried nerdsfreeze dried cluster bites
  • Freeze Dried Sour Worms

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    Freeze dried sour gummy wormsFreeze dried sour worms
  • Freeze Dried Crunchies

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    Freeze Dried CrunchiesFreeze dried skittles
  • Freeze Dried Peach Rings

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    Freeze Dried Peach RingsFreeze Dried Peach Rings
  • Freeze Dried Milk Dudes

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    Freeze Dried Milk Dud
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