• Freeze Dried Caramel chocolate bites

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    Freeze Dried Caramel chocolate bites m&ms
  • Freeze Dried Twixie Bar

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    Freeze Dried Twix bar-Chocolate Candy
  • Freeze Dried Chocolate Mystery Sample Pack

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    Freeze Dried Chocolate mystery pack
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Freeze Dried Chocolate From SweetyTreaty Co.

SweetyTreaty Co. offers a variety of delectable options for customers with a sweet tooth. Whether you prefer milk or dark chocolate treats, we have freeze-dried versions of all of your favorite classic candies, providing delicious chocolate candy and nostalgia with each bite. Explore our endless options and new spins on traditional candy bars. Whether you prefer caramel, peanuts, or nougat, our family-owned business has the right freeze-dried candy to satisfy all of your cravings.

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No matter your preferences, SweetyTreaty Co. has the perfect freeze-dried chocolate candy to satisfy your cravings. From classic candy bars to delicious caramel candies, we have the best selection of freeze-dried chocolate for consumers of all ages. Explore our online selection of freeze-dried candy and find the best chocolate for any occasion imaginable for you and your loved ones. Indulge in a symphony of flavors with SweetyTreaty Co.'s freeze-dried chocolate delights, expertly crafted to elevate your sweet moments and create unforgettable experiences.

High-Quality Ingredients & Chocolates

Our candy and chocolate shop prides itself on using high-quality ingredients, including chocolate, caramel, and all your favorite chocolate-based treats. From crunchy candies to taffy-like concoctions, our freeze-dried chocolates enhance your favorite candy bars with bolder flavors and the wonderful texture of freeze-dried candy. Packaged in convenient, snack-sized pouches, you can take our one-of-a-kind chocolate candies wherever you go.

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