About Us

SweetyTreaty is a family owned treat shop. We use the freeze drying process to enhance the flavor and texture to some of the most popular sweets and treats from around the world.

Founder of the company, Megan Steck, has had a lifelong obsession with candy sweets. She formed a candy club in elementary school and would save & spend her entire allowance on candy. Her goal of owning a candy store became a reality in 2021, but she wanted to offer the world an entirely new experience.

Megan Steck is the creative force behind SweetyTreaty as she expands the featured products and experiments with new treats and twists.

This mother of 6 has plenty of willing and honest critics of her creations. Those that get the seal of approval are featured on our site.

We are super excited about sharing our flavorful treats with those who crave something unique and unexpected.