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All of the treats were great. Just one little suggestion, labeling each packet would be awesome so that I am clear on what I am devouring!! I will purchase again!!

Freeze dried candy

It was amazing

Freeze Dried sour war puffs
Brittany Underwood
Sour war puffs

Candy is really good. I love it and recommend for sure!

Very tasty

Love these very flavorful. Can’t wait to buy more. My kids thought what a treat!


Taste EXACTLY like Pink Lemonade! Will DEFINITELY be ordering again


The Taste and Crunch of a REAL Cherry Coke Bottle! Definitely will be ordering again


My kids and I absolutely loved it!I'm not even a candy person but it's soo good. The selection was awesome too!

They are amazing

I love peeps and Dr.peeper but together they taste great

Freeze Dried Sour Worms
Jessica Maxwell

Everything was great melt in your mouth was awesome


These are sooo addictive and one of my absolute favorites.


These are honestly the best thing I've every tried as far as candy is concerned. They're really good when you let them melt in your mouth instead of chewing them.

Freeze Dried Nerdy bites
Jennifer Gainey

Hi these were probably my favorite candy I purchased the only negative I would say is that over half of mine in the bag were crumbled. But overall good !

Freeze Dried Jolly puffs
Christopher D Perry
Delicious -- they melt in your mouth!

They lasted only a short time, but they were good. Really good.

Wish more were available as apple-flavored.

Loved these

The flavors were strong but that is what we were hoping for. These were our favorite.

Paper wrappers

I was sad I didn’t get to eat these when they arrived because mine were freeze dried with the wrappers on. Is this normal? I just found it a bit difficult to eat around the paper wrappers. Maybe if they took them off first it would have been ok.

For most part loved them all but take the Starburst outof the papers they would be so much better

So Good

I didn't think I could love them more. Was I wrong will order again. Unless you want to send me more for freeeeeee

Loved it wish I could get it in a bigger size but I loved it

5 stars

Everything was so good and flavorful like it melt in your mouth

Freeze Dried Stardust’s
Michele Lothridge

Loved them. So good.

Freeze Dried Peach Rings
Michele Lothridge
Wonderful product

I bought these for my son. He absolutely loves them. They did not even make it home with him. He ate them all in about 15 minutes.

10/10 Recommend

Our first time trying freeze dried candy. Decently priced AND delicious! We already placed our 2nd order. Can’t wait to try every thing!!


Freeze Dried Jolly puffs
Brittany Underwood

The jolly puffs are amazing they just melt in your mouth!!


Loved all the treats!
I do wish they would have been labeled so we knew for sure which ones we would want to order again.
And some of the packs only had like 3 candies in them... which was disappointing.