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This is probably my favorite dry freezed candy so far! Would love if they could do all of the Caramel apple pops.

Great Candy

For the most part i enjoyed these candies. The crunchy texture of the candy is amazing. The only thing i did not like about my purchase is that the mystery pack came with 2 bags os skittles & skittles are my least favorite candy. Those bags eill go to waste! 🫤


I’m in love with my order ty


These were actually really

Fast Shipping Great Quality

You wont regret ordering from them. I got my candy super fast and it was amazing!!

There great

Wish there was more for ur buck I won’t be ordering them through this site found a website that u can get more than 5-6 in ur bag.

Freeze Dried Jolly puffs
Amira Richardson
Horrible experience

Missing part of my order and no where did they try to rectify will surely never order from here again

Too exciting

I’ve been wanting to try freeze-dried candies for so long and I finally did it was a very fun experience!! the candies were delicious some were alright but either way, I would recommend trying them.

Unexpectedly good!

Love them. Super sour but also sweet. Perfect combination.

Flavor Bomb!!

These candies were amazing! So full of flavor and crisp! Definitely worth the price I paid and will be ordering again in the future to try different candies!!!

Would buy again

Was pleasantly surprised by the starbursts and the watermelon taffy. The berry skittles are better than the original but the original didn’t go to waste. The only thing I wasn’t a fan of were the nerd clusters. But my husband loved them. Would buy again. These would be perfect for a raffle basket! I plan to buy more.

They were good!

Once they were delivered to me I'm not gonna lie half of them were smashed sine they were so light, and I only got to enjoy maybe 6 of them. But they were really good and I would buy again but I wished that half of them weren't crushed when we got there.

They all were delicious, my watermelon and jolly ranchers were my favorite, I’m definitely ordering again 😘😘😘😘😘

Loved it

I love the different flavorsome. If I wanted to try new different flavors you have.

Thank you,

The roll-ups are SOOOOO good! The crunch is always so satisfying snd the flavor is stronger compared to regular ones. It's kind of sad there's only two in the packages though, wish there was more inside

Starburst has wrappers on!

Horrible! Starburst was dryftreezed in the wrapper! Which made then hard as a brick and if they did open a lil and the dry freezing got to them then you was eating paper! Could easy take a extra min and open them up!

Will definitely order again! Delicious!


good and sent in a package that kept everything dried and very fresh.


Candy was awesome wish there was more than 5-6 taffy’s per bag I’ll be ordering from a different company for them.

Freeze dried heaven

The taffy is so delicious. Crunchy yet smooth. Loved it

Great products.

Fresh and super yummy 😋

Large sample pack

My family enjoyed this so much!!! They were perfect and they all tasted amazing!!! Thank you!!

Worth it!

Best dry freeze watermelon taffy! I will continue to order from here!


I had so much fun opening this. My kids loved thr mystery. We ate all of it. Best money I spent. I would like to say it would be nice to have on the packs what everything is but it was fun guessing as well. Will be ordering again