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Definitely my favorite one. Melt right in your mouth!


Shipped so fast and tasted amazing

Fun & Delicious

This was a fun treat. Flavors were delicious & we all enjoyed them very much. Delivered super fast & couldn't be happier. I plan to order again to take on my cruise in July to share.

Loved it!

No other comment

So yummmy

These are great and tasty. So fun to do with our kiddos! It was fun guessing what what was. Would prefer if it did have labels on the back so we know if we’re correct or not. Some of the samples were not on the site! We really enjoyed this and will do it again!!!

OMG! New favorite treat

These things are delicious!! I'm not sure how to describe it better -- they are crunchy and the chocolate melts and everything together... yum. Just... yum!

Pure heaven

An absolute must try! Amazing

Sweet & Sour Gushers

These were amazing! I love sour candy and these were a great treat! :)

Fun for everyone!

My child loves the freeze dried crunch and in some cases, the candy tastes less sweet. The family favorites is the sour “skittles”.


This does not disappoint! Do yourself a favor and get yours today.

We enjoyed our sampler pack!

Melt in your mouth crunchy fun! I will never eat normal candy!

My Grandkids loved them .

Addicted to these peach rings

These are my fav.I be on pins and needles waiting for them to be delivered.Just love love loyđŸ€—đŸ€—đŸ€—

Enjoyed trying all of them. I shared with my kids and co-workers. Flavors do pack a punch. If I were to change anything it would be labeling the bags with what they are. Fruit roll ups and skittles were everyone's favorite

Really good

Candy was really good but also sweet. I would buy them again. If your candy person this cany is for you.


Literally the coolest candy I’ve ever had. Placed two orders in two weeks!!!!


I liked these better than the peach rings. I wish they were smaller so you’d get more in the package.

Get the large

First heard about this business through TikTok. All the candies are super fun and yummy. If you would like more of a variety like the chocolate and the worms order the large box. I’m addicted to freeze dried candies now thanks to this company.

My son loved trying all the different freeze dried sweets!

First Experience

I was a little disappointed at the bag size and the quantity for the price, but the candy was tasty.


I reviewed this product on my TikTok.
See @ candybar896

Very yummy!!!

Very yummy got freeze dried gummy sharks and was happy. And the m&m are good too and the fruit roll up were a good kinda sour ;) definitely worth it!

Light and Airy

If I could give 4.5 stars, I would. I love how these just melted in your mouth,they were so flavorful and delicious! They are so light and airy that they tended to break apart in the bag easily. After a day or two, they had started to fall apart and I was left with only dust at the bottom of the package (which still tasted good). Would order again.


These were delicious! I will definitely order again. It was hard to stop myself from eating the whole bag at once

Absolutely delicious!

The candy was just what I expected: wholesome delicious sweet goodness!